As of January 2020, Genesis Recovery is a SMOKE-FREE facility.  No forms of tobacco are allowed on the property whatsoever.

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The program, founded by a Ph.D. in psychology, maintains the basic rudiments of that discipline: a belief in people, respect for the individual, a non-blaming and non-shaming environment, and a belief in the dignity of the individual. We support the worth of the individual while confronting problematic behavior.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of Genesis Recovery Services, Inc. is to target adult men, women, and families requiring behavioral health services. Services are provided for those experiencing substance abuse, disorder, and dual diagnosis, lack of safe housing and family dysfunction. Genesis Recovery Services provides according to the needs of the individual(s), including 24-hour monitored care, family treatment and assessment and referral to assist the achieving and maintenance of abstinence.

Our goal is to assist in the achievement of quality of life including the areas involved in a well-rounded life style: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Additionally we help the individual achieve economic security, employment, positive social and family interdependence, and positive self-identification.

Help them to find the help they need and reclaim their life with substance abuse counseling in Anchorage, Alaska.