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Compassionate Substance Abuse Treatment in Anchorage, Alaska

Find the personalized care needed with our complete substance abuse treatment program in Anchorage, Alaska. We support the value of every individual while confronting the consequences of addiction.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Learn how to fight a winning battle again with individualized treatment. We provide services including residential care, continuing care, and a limited amount of transitional houses. We work with the justice department as well as private individuals, offering limited sliding fee scales.

Well-Rounded Care

Genesis provides a well-rounded Bio-Psychosocial Spiritual approach to the treatment of substance abuse and/or addiction. While the program is supportive of the 12-step philosophy and has great respect for the achievements of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous, Genesis also believes that each graduate must find his or her own path to sobriety. Each participant is empowered to find what works as he or she actively develops a support system that encourages and enriches his or her chosen path.

The Process

Anyone can sober up temporarily. Our graduates have the skills and knowledge necessary to help avoid a relapse. The process starts with a simple evaluation. After this initial evaluation by a staff professional, you receive the support of counselors, and other experienced professionals. Together they offer lectures, group, and individual support.

Meeting Your Needs

Providing a full-range of services, Genesis is able to help meet your needs for in-house, 3.5 residential treatment.  As part of our commitment to recovery, we sometimes have apartments available for rent to graduating clients. Each client leaves with the skills needed to avoid a relapse into addiction. Follow on therapy available by referral if additional support is needed.

Contact us in Anchorage, Alaska, and rebuild your life with the help of our exceptional staff and our substance abuse treatment programs.